about us

Where is Reevo headquartered?

Reevo is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Home of RIM the makers of the Blackberry; the Perimeter Institute, the centre of the world for applied physics; the birth place of the interchangeable screwdriver and one of the few epicenters for technological developments in the western world.

Who is your target market?

This is easy. Every fighter, everywhere. All people seeking better fight gear at a reasonable price. Men, women and children can benefit from studying fight techniques. Not for harm or violence but to learn discipline, strengthen the body, exceed your perceived limitations, build confidence and to ultimately be a better person.

What is Reevo's mission statement?

Creating excellent products that provide value to peoples lives.

Where did the Reevo name and logo come from?

The Reevo name and logo is based upon the notion that fighting by humans is a natural instinct and has always existed but is constantly evolving. Today we can choose to fight not for survival but for recreation, sport and personal growth. The logo and name encapsulate these ideals.

What are the technical features of the Reevo products?

To summarize, premium raw materials melded with science and art make our products really shine above all others.

Where does Reevo manufacture its products?

We currently work with factories in Canada, China and Pakistan We take great care in selecting factories to ensure that they share our commitment to quality and ethics.

What are factory conditions like where Reevo products are manufactured?

The factories we use are safe, clean, healthy work environments. We do not use child labour and are staunchly against such practices.

What is Reevo doing to reduce its environmental footprint?

We have always viewed efficiency and waste reduction as smart business practices. We recycle at all of our facilities and are working to reduce waste across all departments. We ship in recycled boxes whenever possible.

What are Reevo's plans for the future?

Reevo plans to continue to grow, but the company will only grow as fast as we can find the right people to work for us and grow with our organization. Reevo's growth depends on finding the right individuals who want to raise the level of health and personal success in their communities around the world. We are actively searching the right partners to help us grow in every corner around the world.

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