Reevo is about fight science.

Reevo products are developed to improve your performance so you can train harder and fight more effectively. Extensive research goes into the design of each product to maximize its comfort and effectiveness.

Reevo is about good design.

Reevo has gone to great lengths to develop equipment that looks good and functions beyond the expected application. We've collaborated with industry professionals and industrial designers to bring you great gear with exceptional value. The Reevo Design team is comprised of individuals with a strong background in combat sports and ergonomic design. Reevo designers have done everything from creating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniforms for Rickson Gracie and Mizuno, commissions from the Canadian Armed Forces to designing ergonomically correct chairs. After all, good design is good design, no matter the product.


All Reevo products are tested thoroughly by both amateur and professional fighters and trainers. Nothing is produced by Reevo that has not been used at the gym, in the ring, on the mat or in the cage. Through our network of Reevo R&D professionals, we ensure that our gear is the best on the market. No animals were harmed in the development of our gear (well, except maybe the cows-but don't worry, we used the whole animal and had steak for dinner).

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Reevo is about performance.

Only the best materials are chosen to satisfy Reevo's stringent standards in the following areas:


Quite simply, if your gear allows more effective air flow you stay cooler and will perform better.

Shock Absorption:

It's about safety for athletes and their coaches. Reevo uses the best impact-absorbing raw materials, allowing coaches to push their athletes to train harder and hit harder-all while keeping athlete and coach cushioned from the blows.


Reevo is made to last. Period.


Reevo is NOT like those fancy new shoes that look great but hurt your feet! From the moment you try on the gear, you will feel the difference. Comfort = Performance


Many Reevo products are made lighter than conventional fight products but just as durable. At Reevo, we believe lighter equipment will help you perform to your potential.

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Watch for these symbols:

Genuine Leather
These products are produced with high-quality cow hide and built to last.

Premium Leather
The items with this mark indicate the product is constructed with the highest quality leather available. Extremely soft and very durable.

Energy Dispersion Technology
Items bearing this logo have absorbing layers of varying density that provide added protection from strikes.

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